First Class Pest Control in Staffordshire


Rodents need to gnaw repeatedly as their enamel develop at a extremely paced fee during their resides. This can lead to damage to pipe work, electrical cables and actual developments, inflicting fires, floods and costly restore bills. Rodents carry an alarming amount of sicknesses corresponding to tuberculosis, salmonella, gastro- enteritis, rat bite fever, leptospirosis and […]

Domestic Pest Control

Kestrel’s team of extremely skilled technicians guarantees that Pest Control Hampshire domestic customers obtain the similar reliable, rapid and effective provider that our industrial shoppers revel in. Pest Control Hampshire commitment to protective the surroundings, and our exceptional protection file way you will consider Kestrel to handle any downside. Free quote similar day reaction Quick […]

Bird Control for Staffordshire

Whatever your Bird Control problem downside happens to be, Pest Control Staffordshire bird control technicians have the expertise and control it right. And because our group for Staffordshire all are living in addition to work locally, they consider the specific bird control needs of this space. Right here’s how the Pest Control Staffordshire bird control workforce for Staffordshire will […]

Reasons for control

Pigeons can lift disease comparable to salmonellosis, ornithosis etc. Droppings are corrosive to masonry and paintwork can lead to structural damage to homes and cars over time Nesting materials can block guttering and down pipes causing water harm to assets Air conditioning/ventilation systems supplies and equipment can develop into contaminated through guano (pigeon faeces) Reduce […]

Bird proofing

The Pest Control Hampshire Service can be offering advice and corrective resolutions while dealing with pigeon issues. some of the keep watch over strategies we offer are: Netting (balconies, roof voids, air-con units and open access areas) Spiking (pipes, canopies and ledges) Trapping (with live traps) Discreet culling programs (inside buildings, automotive parks simplest)

Bird Spiking:

Bird spikes and sprung wire systems. Effective in deterring pigeons and bigger birds, they’re usually used on parapet walls, ledges, roof lines, windowsills, accumulation and alternative slim surfaces that birds land on. Bird netting. This excludes birds from open areas and is important in protective instrumentality like air-con units. a awfully roaring deterrent, it’s necessary […]

Rodent control

Rodents are a quite common pest and so much folks will come throughout this problem once or more in our resides, weather at home or at paintings. We are a leading rodent control corporate and feature been dealing with this issue for decades. There are several indicators to seem out for that would possibly point […]


A very common beetle found within the UK is that the Pterostichus Madidus or Rain Beetle/Strawberry Beetle. they’re a shiny, black wingless beetle and vary from ½ to 1” long. These beetles square measure utterly harmless to humans and homes, however will accidently notice their manner inside and square measure typically miss-identified as cockroaches. Our […]

Mouse control methods

Mice will be troublesome to regulate attributable to the speed at that they breed. it’s best to get rid of food scraps, rubbish and keep buildings tidy. Mice will squeeze through terribly tiny openings thus all holes should be crammed in, thresholds fitted to doors if necessary and airbricks and ventilators lined with wire gauze. […]

Honey Bees

Usually little and furry with brownish or dark lines. The Honey Bee is well known as being a valuable pest accountable for the pollination of blossoms and plants and for the development of honey and beeswax. The past few decades have seen a decrease in the variety of bees and while they are not secured […]